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6 Important Benefits of Eating Together



With such busy lives it can be easy to slip into the habit of eating on the run and neglecting to take time to sit down together. There are a whole host of benefits that come with taking the time to eat dinner together at the table.

It doesn’t have to be fancy. Takeout pizza shared at the table can be just as beneficial as a home cooked meal. The key is to just be together without distractions. Here are six important benefits of taking the time to eat together.

1. It helps us connect

Our fast-paced and often competing schedules can result in us feeling like we’re leading separate lives. Eating together gives us the opportunity to share how our day has unfolded with each other.

2. It helps us relax

After a long day of work, appointments, errands and details the simple pleasure of preparing and enjoying an evening meal together can be a great way to unwind.

3. It encourages mindful eating

By sharing a meal, and actually taking the time to talk about what we’re experiencing in terms of flavours and textures, we’re more likely to be mindful of our food, rather than just wolfing it down.

4. It improves nutrition

We’re far more likely to plan something nutritious and go to the effort of making a side salad or some extra vegetables when we’re cooking for others rather than just ourselves.

5. It provides an opportunity to practice gratitude

Mealtime is a great time to practice gratitude. Sharing just one good thing that happened during the day, or one thing we’re thankful for, reminds us of just how lucky we are. It’s amazing how quickly this practice will have you scanning your day for what’s good.

6. It strengthens relationships

One of life’s greatest pleasures is sharing good food and wine with loved ones. Life is too short to miss out on this simple joy and all the good things it can bring to our relationships.


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